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Staffhaws Outsourcing Philippines

EST   2009


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Recent economic recessions have pushed businesses to the edge - either additional capital infusion was needed or ultimately shut down operations. Some have resorted additional funding from loan sharks but many opted to retrench and trim down labor and operational cost.


But have you ever read the back of your Iphone stating: "Designed by Apple in California, Assembled in China"? Yes, outsourcing is a business strategy that even the blue chip companies are resorting to. The truth is, in today's fast phase business developments if you are not open-minded you will find yourself filing for bankruptcy. 

Outsourcing is the contracting out of an internal business process to a third party organization - as clearly defined by Wikipedia. But to make it simple, outsourcing is a cost effective business strategy whereby a company hires staff or virtual assistants outside their organization with specific skill set related to their trade or industry - be it IT services, telemarketing, data entry, research, database management, mailing list building and other simple business processes.


Staffhaws Philippines is a micro business process outsourcing company catering to both businesses and individuals who need offshore staff for their campaigns.

Our main office is located in Lucena - a city about three hour drive from Metro Manila. Our strategic location gives us an edge as to our hourly rates, since we are outside the Metro, our cost of living is also less therefore giving you same results for half the price.

Why hire Filipinos?

Currently, the Philippines is the number one outsourcing hub in the world. Most locals speak fluent English with less accent and correct diction. It is also considered as location of choice due to its less expensive operational and labor cost.

​So if you are an established business or a startup and you

need to be cost effective and at the same time super productive

give us a try - no contract whatsoever, no strings attached. Again, we are not BIG, we are actually MICRO - but our people are all experienced in their own respective fields.

Why wait? Delegate all your office tasks to us then

sit back and watch your business FLY! 



2009 - 2020

  • Food Agent Australia (Virtual Assistant)

  • Armed Realty Australia (Social Media Marketing)

  • Mitchell Energy Group Australia (Virtual Assistant)

  • DC Consultancy Australia (Virtual Assistant)

  • Argonyx Studio Australia (Virtual Assistant) 

  • Fibonacci Systems Australia (Virtual Assistant)

  • BenchMarkMe Australia (Data Research)

  • Zhuan Securities Australia (Data Research)

  • Andara Homes Australia (3D CAD Renders)

  • FineEdge Homes Australia (3D CAD Renders)

  • Armsby Architects Australia (3D CAD Renders)

  • TM Builders Australia (3D CAD Renders)

  • Codia Marketing Australia (In Design CS5 Lay out)

  • Bizz Ap Australia (Telemarketing)

  • HungryHorse Australia (Telemarketing)

  • Bountylab Australia (Telemarketing)

  • LandMark Investments Australia (Telemarketing)

  • Pegasus Trader Australia (Telemarketing)

  • Vivant Marketing Australia (Telemarketing)

  • TREAC Australia (Telemarketing)

  • Xstran Australia (Graphic Design)

  • Sudden Impact Signs Australia (Graphic Design)

  • MBE Point Cook Australia (Telemarketing)

  • Hemiperformance Australia (Data Encoders)

  • Pivotal Payments USA (Telemarketing)

  • Factory Built Modular Houses Australia (Graphic Design)

  • Forbes Partners Australia (Web Development)

  • SolarMasta Australia (Web Development)

  • Fast Emergency Plumbing Australia (Web Development)

  • The Plumbing Repair Centre Australia (Web Development)

  • Wakelin Services Group Australia (Web Development)

  • Switchmaster Australia (SEO and Telemarketing)

  • Drainmaster Australia (SEO and PPC Adwords Management)

  • Elinz Electronics (SEO and PPC Adwords Management)

  • Express Removals Australia (SEO)

  • Merrylandsplumbing Australia (SEO)

  • TankStar Australia (SEO)

  • Auci Australia (E-mail Marketing)

  • FMC Australia (Chat Support)

  • Neotec Secure Australia (Patent Consultancy)

  • Universal Hardwood USA (Virtual Lawyer)

  • ELEDCo. Australia (Telemarketing)

  • Eco Springs Australia (Telemarketing)

  • Sleep Clinic Services Australia (Virtual Assistant)

  • Brassvine USA (Offshore Office Set up)

  • Honda Parts OZ Australia (Data Mining)

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 "The team work tirelessly to meet deadlines and make genuine improvements with attention to detail. Food Agent Australia hope to continue our relationship with Staffhaws Outsourcing through the continual growth of our business and well into the future."

Ali Orchard

Food Agent Australia

 "Arthur has worked for Mitchell Energy Group since January 19, 2010. During this time he has worked on a number of research projects and more recently, a lengthy mail merge. The work produced by Arthur has been of a consistently high standard and delivered in a timely fashion. I would highly recommend Arthur to any company and look forward to working with him again in the future."

 Deniese Taylor 

Corporate Advisor

Mitchell Energy Group Australia

"The team at Staffhaws have been so valuable in my business development. They have strong knowledge and ideas to assist in marketing and growth and have been easy to work alongside with. They are able to answer all my questions and have very fast turn around  times for projects."

Archibald Medina

Armed Realty

"Tina has worked for Mitchell Energy Group since 10th February, 2010. During this time she was responsible for collating and summarizing information in Excel spreadsheets. We have been very impressed with the work completed by her and would recommend her to any company."

Alexandra Mexis

Corporate Projects Co-ordinator

Mitchell Energy Group Australia

"I have been very impressed with Raucel’s attitude, attention to detail, tone of voice, ability to work with basic instructions, prompt & efficient reporting. Similarly, I have been very impressed with your flexibility, openness to my ideas and thoughts and readiness to work with me on my time frame"

Duncan Vincent

MBE Cook Australia

"Thank you for all the support your team gave me over the last eight months in gathering client data for our new project. I can certainly recommend your company to any business requiring any of the services your company provides."

Eddie Peters

Honda Parts OZ Australia

"Very satisfied with the performance of Art's telemarketers. Jumped straight into and got the company some solid leads."

Garry Bartlett

Eco Springs Australia

"Staffhaws is the perfect service provider!"

Paul Barby

Fibonacci Systems Australia

"Joey was very helpful, easy to contact and had a good understanding of our work."

Jordan Lowry

The Blackstone Business Group




We do anything under the sun really!

Virtual Assistance

IT Services

Human Resource


Verified Merchant

Project Consultancy

Social Media Marketing





+61 2 8003 7168 (SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA)

+44 20 8638 8323 (LONDON, ENGLAND)

+63 915 2 777717 (WHATSAPP)









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