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Virtual Assistant: Build Your Offshore Philippines Team 2020


Many small and medium-sized businesses which are known as SMB's require help on their work office matters yet can't afford hiring costly agents to get through. Due to the Pandemic (COVID- 19) and its continuous spreading across the globe, SMB's are having a hard time surviving and keeping their heads up. It's either letting go of their hired hands and worse shutting down their business. Concurrently, some of them allow their employees to work from their home even though it's inadequate, due to issues like connectivity, communications and distractions that can lead to losing their customers and business deals, which may cause bankruptcy. Eventually, small and medium-sized businesses can keep their heads on track if they hire an offshore Virtual Assistant, which is not costly yet worthy to have with their everyday production. By this modern strategy, SMB's can be less worried particularly of their time and money.

We, Staffhaws, is an outsourcing company based in the Philippines that offers quality and veteran Virtual Assistants who are highly trained professionals that you can employ to have your day to day tasks done. Staffs here are proficient in both written and verbal English, which we can be, use to communicate and build rapport with our clients. And we can also use it to do Lead Generation for our clients as we offer Virtual Customer Support Services where we receive and make calls on behalf of them. Aside from that, we can do a lot of back-end office administration, contract review and legal research, digital marketing, and 3D Architectural Renders. We have been doing this since 2009, so we make sure that we are all professionals working with our clients.

By doing this, you will save a minimum of $100K annually. Our fees are typically just $USD 7 per hour, which works out at a bit over AUD$10 per hour! Each plan and transaction is flexible, where clients can change working hours and days or even cancel the campaign with no strings attached.

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